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Symptomatic epilepsy can manifest itself in different ways in patients with different forms of ventolin inhaler.

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They speak of status epilepticus with repeated repetition of seizures - so frequent that consciousness does not have time to recover between them.

In patients, there is a violation of hemodynamics, respiratory function, twilight consciousness appears. Convulsive seizures are accompanied by soporous and comatose conditions that seriously threaten the life of the epileptic. Patients who have fallen into a coma suffer from pharyngeal respiratory paralysis with loss of albuterol inhaler. In the respiratory tract, salivary secretion accumulates, as a result of which breathing worsens, cyanosis occurs. Hemodynamics changes, heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, myocardial ischemia develops, metabolism is disturbed, resulting in metabolic acidosis, and intracellular respiration is disturbed.

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Epilepsy is considered one of the common neurological diseases that are considered chronic.

The reason often lies in damage to parts of the brain. The most important symptom is an epileptic fit, which is difficult for a person to control. The article also discusses the treatment and prognosis of this disease, a common type of which is temporal lobe epilepsy. What is temporal lobe epilepsy?

Epilepsy has been known to mankind since ancient times. What is temporal lobe epilepsy? This is one of the forms of epilepsy, the lesion of which is located in the temporal lobe of the brain. It is characterized asthey have epileptic seizures, like other types of epilepsy.

This form manifests itself in simple epileptic seizures, when a person retains consciousness, and in severe ones, when consciousness is lost. Seizures of an epileptic nature are periodic, that is, recurring. However, temporal lobe epilepsy is not a sentence. There are many surgical methods that help control the disease.

Mental disorders develop from the periodicity of seizures. Often, doctors note that the disease may not be localized in the temporal lobe, but in another department, but radiate to the temporal. This disease is under investigation. The doctor reveals it thanks to special diagnostic examinations, as well as he prescribes the treatment. For the diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy is prescribed. Treatment is often carried out not only medical, but also psychotherapeutic.
Temporal lobe epilepsy is classified as a pathology of the nervous system. Often there is a connection with metabolism, which is disturbed due to seizures. The lesion that causes seizures is localized in the temporal lobe of the brain. The resulting pathological discharges cause seizures. Often, similar discharges occur in other parts of the brain, radiating to the temporal regions and causing the corresponding symptoms. What are the causes of temporal lobe epilepsy?
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Conditionally, the factors influencing the onset of the disease are divided into perinatal (during the development of the fetus) and postnatal (after the birth of a child during life). Perinatal causes of temporal lobe epilepsy include. It becomes important how the birth goes. During the passage through the birth canal of the child, the head is squeezed. The main pressure occurs on the hippocampus. As a result of this, ischemia, sclerosis occurs, which leads to the emergence of a source of pathological electrical discharge.


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With simple seizures with the preservation of consciousness, the following signs of temporal lobe epilepsy are observed. Fixed brush setting. Turns of the eyes and head towards the epileptic focus. Sometimes reversals of the foot. Systemic dizziness. Taste and olfactory paroxysms. There is a feeling of unpleasant taste, smell, pain in the stomach.

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Auditory and visual hallucinations. Simple partial seizures often indicate the development of a serious disease, which will soon begin to manifest itself in more complex forms of temporal lobe epilepsy. The symptoms of this condition are. Loss of consciousness. Loss of sense of time.